Monday, November 1, 2010

Saying "See ya" to the love of my life and the father of our children

On September 12, the love of my life deployed. It was one of the saddest days of my life, but I'm making it. I will post pictures later :D

A bunch of photos before Justin deployed! :D

My wonderful family :D

I loved seeing Justin with Jason


I walked in one morning after my shower and this is what I seen

He loved sleeping on daddy

Update time... Haven't done this FOREVER!

Well, as of today, I decided to delete my Facebook for personal reasons. Yes, I am now sacrificing not seeing the updates with my family and friends, but somethings are just more important to me. Well, where to begin...
I think I will begin with the birth of our son Jason David Stuart. His daddy was actually the one to pick out his name, and it just kind of stuck. On August 15th, I went into Labor & Delivery for decrease fetal movement, and they sent me home saying that everything was okay. The next day I go into my doctor and she informs me that I am ready to be admitted. I chicken out and don't let the break my water and well, lets just say it would have gone a lot faster if they had. After they broke my water on the 17th at 12:40am, I had Jason out at 12:55am. I am so thankful that I had my best friend there with me. Justin was there coaching me, telling me that I was doing good. The sad thing is that Justin had been having issues with his ex wife getting the girls taken away by the state. Well, a few hours after I had Jason, Justin was in the car headed to New Mexico. He got half way there and they told him they had given the girls back to Heather. Sad day.. But at the same time it was a great day. Jason had Jaundice, but he only had to be under the lights once. He has been a delight to have in my life. That is the story of his birth :D

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Today I am 28 weeks and 6 days!!
So much has gone on since my last post. We found out at 18 weeks that we are having a baby boy. YAY!! The first baby boy Stuart, since he has two sisters and a cute little girl cousin. :)

He sure does love to kick a lot! Justin and I have been trying to figure out a name for quite some time. Well, the other day while Justin was at JRTC (which is a month long training in Louisiana), he had a name pop up into his head. Our sons name will be Jason David Stuart! We are so excited!!

About two and a half weeks ago, I had went into Labor and Delivery for back pain.. Well, I was then informed that I was having contractions. So they tried to stop them by putting an IV in me, all they did was slow them down and tell me to go in if I experience any more contractions that I get 5 in an hour. They also sent me home with Ambien that was suppose to relax my uterus and let me relax to get some sleep. They said that the baby won't move so much the next day so to not worry. Well let me tell you, it did nothing. I was up all night not able to sleep, and to top that off our little boy was in hyper mode. :) Another thing they let me know is that the top of my cervix is closed, but the bottom part is already opening up. Not good.. My cervix is not has hard as it should be, but it is still keeping out little boy in the oven so I just have to be careful. Luckily I haven't had 5 in an hour.

Also, going back to the beginning of April. For my birthday Justin spoiled me with getting me a Morkie (Maltese and a Yorkie mix). His name is Charlie. He is such a lover!!
Well, here are some updated pictures...

Charlie- He loves to sleep like this
25 weeks and 5 days

24 weeks and 1 day
Baby boy Stuart: Jason David Stuart

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Baby Stuart..

So I am not into all of this blogging and I really don't know how to do anything.. but I guess I will update on what has been going on. In December I found out I was pregnant with Justin's and my first.. but this is Justin's third child. I actually found out the day after Justin's birthday. So it was a happy late birthay babe sort of deal. I am really excited, and feel super blessed. As of today, I am 16 weeks and 4 days... I am due August 22nd. Along with that, Justin will be deploying in the late summer, which is like August-September... So we will see how everything goes. In February I was sick all month with Bronchitis and Justin was at a training in Louisiana , and that is the worst thing that has happened to be the whole pregnancy. Justin is hoping for a boy, I am to the point that I just want a healthy baby. Since Justin does have twin girls already, I am sort of siding with him on wanting a little boy. I know I will be happy with whatever God gives me. He has already blessed my life with a wonderful husband, and now a child. I hope I can be half the mom that my mom was to me. On March 24th I find out the gender, and I am pretty excited. I have craved mostly hamburgers and sour stuff.. all the sweet stuff I can't eat to much of. Well, I am still up waiting for my husband to get home, but I just wanted to put a little update out there on the biggest news that has happened to our family.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A little about us...

Hi my name is Ashly Stuart! I am 20, and I currently live in Tennessee. I chased after a soldier and ended up married! YAY! I am originally from Mackay, ID. I am the oldest in my family. My favorite color is Pink. I love Justin more than words can express. I am so thankful for the day he found me online.
Justin Stuart is my name, and being in the army is what I do for my job. I love messing with demo. I am originally from Texas/New Mexico. I have two beautiful girls from a previous marriage. Their names are Kayla and Peyton. They are a joy! Ashly and I got married July 9, 2009. We had met online while I was in Afghanistan.
Anyways, that is all for now! Love you all!